You have never been to gay sauna before? Here are some tips and information for new-comers.

-You ring the bell, our team opens the door and then you are in our reception.

– At the reception you are given a towel and a key on wristband with a number on it to your locker.
Yes, you will have to take off all your clothes! Taking them all off means that you will feel as relaxed as possible for the rest of your evening. Other reasons for shedding clothes include hygiene and increasing your sense of intimacy.

– When you leave the locker room, with a bath towel tied around your waist, you can wander to various different areas or take a seat at the lounge area.  You could choose the bar to overcome any feelings of shyness or head straight to swimming pool, sauna, Steam room, and so on.

-We encourage safe sex so free condoms and lube are provided in all sauna areas.

-All our guest are tolerant so “NO” always means “NO”. You are not forced to do anything you don’t like.

You are very welcome! If you have any questions our team is always available to help you!